National Projects

Albania: The Analysis of the Transition Period after the Cold War (TIKA) 2000


Azerbaijan: The Development and the Problems of Local Administrations in Azerbaijan (TIKA) 2000


Macedonia’s Post Yugoslav Path: Cycles of Crisis and Survival (TIKA) 2000

The Changing Moral Values in the Post-Soviet Turkmenistan: Ownership and Loyalty (TIKA) 2000


Turkic Administration Culture: The Cases of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan (Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture) 1999

The Political - Economic Evaluation of the Economic Policies Favored by the Liberal Parties in Russia (TIKA) 1998

The Perceptions about Turkey in Central Asia and Caucasus: The Case of Azerbaijan- Turkey’s Image in the Public Opinion of Azerbaijan and the Relations Between Turkey-Azerbaijan (TIKA) 1998

The Economic Relations of Turkey With The Turkic Republics (TIKA) 1998

Newroz Tradition among the Turks (TIKA) 1998

The Democratization and Political Elite in Azerbaijan (TIKA) 1997

The Role of Turkish Schools in the Educational System and Social Transformation of Central Asian Countries: The Case of Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan (TIKA) 1997

Punished, Deported, Exiled and Dispersed: The Case of the Meskhetian (Ahiska) Turks (TIKA) 1997

Kazakhstan’s Relations with Russia, European Union and Turkey (TIKA) 1996

Customs and Values of the Urban Family in Turkish Culture (TIKA) 1996

The Formation of the Market Economy and Private Sector in Kyrgyzstan (TIKA) 1996