Center for Black Sea and Central Asia (KORA) has used its advantage of being an inter-disciplinary center, in uniting a wide range of scholars from different departments and specialized in different fields to support and realize many research projects. KORA, as a local level consultant, has worked in and realized large and small scale research projects of Social Assessment (SA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA). SIA's multidimensional content and multi-purpose methodological approach has been intertwined with the multidimensional stand point of KORA. In the projects, different methods have been used for data collection, such as stakeholders and beneficiaries have been interviewed with questionnaires, NGO's and local governors have been interviewed (in-depth interviews), different stakeholders have been brought together in focus groups, village inventory have been formed and all the results were combined with an interdisciplinary approach. Today, KORA has the capacity to handle consultancy and field-work in projects that require multi-dimensionality and knowledge such as poverty research and comparative studies.

2004 Social Impact Assessment of The Black Sea Oil Exploration Project

The Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of the Black Sea Oil Exploration Project is the third SIA project conducted by KORA. With the Black Sea Oil Exploration Project it is aimed to explore oil in the Black Sea Exclusive Economic Zone of Turkey in the area close to the Georgian border. The exploration will be conducted inside the sea and there will be a support unit which will be established at the Trabzon Port. The purpose of the project team is to conduct field studies to find out possible social, economic and environmental impacts of such an exploration phase on the Trabzon region. The project is currently at the stage of baseline study and it is aimed that the whole project will be completed by the 2005.

British Petroleum - ENSR International

2002 Kazan-Trona Mineral Project Social Impact Assessment

The Social Impact Assessment of the Kazan Trona Mining area has been realized by the Center for Black Sea and Central Asia. The project aims to determine the socio-economic situation in the settlement areas in the vicinity of Kazan and Sincan towns where the mineral extraction of Trona mineral will be carried out. The field study of the project was completed and final report being prepared and submitted on the basis of the secondary data as well as those that were collected in the field surveys and interviews.


2001 Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Social Impact Assessment

The social impact assessment of the Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan pipeline has been realized by the Center for Black Sea and Central Asia. This project includes a field study on the settlement areas through the pipeline route. By using the data provided by this study, reports were prepared for the development of mitigation policies for the settlements along the route of the pipeline that will be negatively affected during the construction period and the periods after the construction, and also suggestions in that direction were made to the related authorities.

Bakü-Tiflis-Ceyhan Konsorsiyumu

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