METU Research Projects

The Impact of Regime Changes on Gender Equality in Central Asia 2017

The Political Perceptions of Azerbaijani Youth 2017

European Neighbourhood Policy: The Cases of Democratization/Authoritarianism in Azerbaijan and Georgia 2016

Democratization through Europeanization: The Case of Political Elites in Georgia 2014  

The Determining Dynamics of  National Identity of Crimean Tatars 2005

Crimean Tatar Identity and Motherland Perception in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 2005

Life Standard in The Post-Soviet Context: The Case of Autonomous Republic of Adygeya 2005

The Political Economy of Oil: The Case of Kazakhstan 2005


The Multi-Party System and the Development of Political Parties in the Post-Soviet Environment: A Comparative Study on Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belorussia, Russia and Ukraine 2005

Diaspora-Homeland Relations: Comparative Perspectives on Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Crimea 2004

The Process of Triple Transition in the Post Soviet States: The Case of Kazakhstan 2004

The Historical, Religious and Cultural Determining Factors of  Ethnic Identity in Dobruca Region 2004

From Jadidism to Post-Modernism: the Transformation of Educational Institutions in the Last Century and its Effects on Identity Formations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan 2003

The Defining Elements of Cultural, Historical and Religious Identities in Macedonia 2003

Human Rights in the Political Transformation Period: Comparative Perspectives on Turkey, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan 2002

Ethnic Structure and Identity Issues in Kazakhstan 2003

Socio-economic Effects and Results of Privatization: Cases of Turkey and Bulgaria 2001

Turkish Entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 2000